eyeliner,semi permanent make up, "kissable lips"and microblading  Carried out to the Highest Standard in Accrington, Lancashire

Look no further than A K Brows in Accrington, Lancashire, for the most up-to-date method of tattooing. Backed by 20 years of experience, I specialise in the art of microblading to ensure that the most natural results are achieved. With this particular eyebrow treatment, you can enjoy semi-permanent eyebrows so you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to getting ready and doing your makeup.

Want to Look Your Best at All Times?

When you experience any of the following, eyebrow tattooing/semi-permanent makeup will work perfectly for you:

  • Allergic Reactions to Conventional Makeup
  • No Time to Apply Makeup Daily
  • Asymmetrical Facial Features
  • Excessively Oily Skin that Causes Makeup to Smear
  • Physical Difficulties that Make the Application of Conventional Makeup Impossible
  • Sparse Eyebrows from Overplucking or Age
  • Having to Pencil in Your Eyebrows Every Day
  • Loss of Hair due to Chemotherapy

Microblading Procedure

Some of my clients arrive with their eyebrows pencilled in exactly as they want them, so I can simply match the colour and copy the exact shape. However, if you want some advice regarding your perfect shape and colour, I am more than happy to help you.

Time will be taken to ensure you are completely satisfied before the procedure begins. Once you are happy with the shape, a topical anaesthetic is applied for 25 minutes to make sure you receive minimal discomfort. Once the procedure begins, it should take no longer than 30 minutes to achieve your perfect brow.

During the procedure, you may keep hold of the mirror, and at regular intervals both you and I will check that you are happy with each step. After 4 weeks, you will be asked to return to the salon to see if any touch-ups are required. A 6-month touch-up is included in the price, if required. You may find that once you have got used to your enhancement, you would prefer your brows to be darker or thicker, which can be achieved during your top-up session.

Eyebrows: £275  Currently of offer at £220!!
Top-up from: £70

Eyebrow example

Eyeliner Procedure

A fantastic procedure to open up and enhance your eyes. Wether you want a dramatic look or something subtle at least you know it will be there every morning or even if you go swimming, the gym or cry at a sad film.

You will never have panda eyes again! Angela can create the most delicate line within your lashes to give the appearance they are thicker, or a slight winged effect to lift the eye area. The shape and colour can be discussed at your consultation. Numbing agent specifically for the eye area is used to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.


Upper and Lower: £320

Upper lash enhancement line: £150

Upper full line with possible flick/wing: £200

Lower: £150

Touch Ups

Upper & Lower: £150 (Regular clients within 12 months) 

£200 (over 12 months or new clients) 

Upper OR Lower: £70 (Regular clients within 12 months) 

£100 (Over 12 months or new clients)

Kissable Lips Procedure

This procedure achieves beautiful natural colour and a definite edge to your lips giving them back a more youthful look. As we age our lip line and colour can fade and become uneven. Angela's 'Kissable Lip' procedure gives you back the definition whilst still looking totally natural. Numbing agent is used prior to treatment and throughout for your comfort. Can last up to 3 yrs, depends on clients skin type and lip moisture. Kissable Lips is an ideal procedure for those wanting fuller looking perfect shaped lips without the use of lip fillers.

Full Lip Colour: £300
Lip Line with soft blend: £250

Touch up after 12 months: £180

Eyebrows Microbladed

Eyeliner (top OR bottom or lash enhancement )
Kissable Lips, lip line and soft blend: from £725 Discounted from £625 (depending on which eyeliner is chosen)


Full Youthful Enhancment....

Eyebrows Microbladed
Natural eyeliner (top and bottom)
Full Kissable Lips: £925 Discounted Price £850

Each procedure is available at the salons listed below:

Angela Kay's Beauty Salon available Tues-Fri (late night Weds)

Rosedene House. available Mondays & Saturday mornings
Nevaya Beauty Available on request
Beauty at Liberty
Available every 8 weeks Fri and Sat

CONTACT ME in Accrington, Lancashire, to book your free consultation regarding microblading and semi-permanent makeup.